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heirloom silk ribbons

A few years back, I worked as a florist for the beautiful Edinburgh shop, Rose and Ammi. Florists serve at the sharp end of people's lives; birth and death, love and loss, romance and disillusionment, are the stuff our days are made of. Over a couple of years of sharing the daily dramas of flower shop life, the owner, Lydia Cywinski and I became firm pals, as they say up north. I miss her good company and wicked sense of humour and thank her for her endless patience with me!

I was delighted when I heard she needed some pictures for a new venture, a plant-dyed silk company that she and her mum were taking on, after it was started by one of the nicest people I've ever met, Paula Baxter, of Mill Pond Flower Farm. This was a bit of a dream job for me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself taking time to develop a new direction for the company. Here are some favourites from the shoot that I shot and styled, I hope you like them too :)

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